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One couldn't have thought of a least sentimental and romantic way to do it, yet to me it had more value and worthiness than if it would've been on the island or in the airport....

He wanted to get the ring there all along; yet it was hard to do so with me next to him all the time and while we went from a shop to a shop (I was looking for specific earrings for his mom) he was looking at rings but nothing caught his attention. So when I was roaming out and about the airport he found the one he liked; it was unique and he knew I'd like it.

He showed it to his parents more to assure himself, I think, that it was the right one, but didn't know then yet how, when or where he'd do it...Who knew that it'd be during the ride back home from his parents house? :-) He must've realized that if I am capable of lugging around my own and not only my own luggage (when needed) without bitching about it, that that was it, there wasn't anything else he needed to be sure of because he complimented my baggage carrying skills, which completely threw me off balance - I'm still trying to understand what that was all about :-D and then answered to something I started saying with "Let's get married" while giving me the ring......

I was pleasantly discombobulated the whole day at work......

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In a matter of seconds, and completely unexpectedly at that moment, my status changed....

На ногти не обращайте внимания - это после 4х-дневного обитания на солнце.... :-)


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